Donald Trump’s Ferrari F430 Sells At Florida Auction

Donald Trump's Ferrari

A 2007 Ferrari F430 previously owned by Donald Trump was offered for sale this past Saturday at a Florida auction house. Trump had purchased the Ferrari F430 new in 2007 and owned it for four years while putting only 2,400 miles on it. At the hands of the second owner, the car now has 6,000 miles.

Donald Trump's Ferrari Sell at Auction

Auction experts predicted the F430 Coupe would bring anywhere from $250,000 – $350,000 at the auction, however the final bid on the car was only $240,000 which did not reach the reserve price that the seller had set beforehand. A few minutes after the car left the auction block unsold, an unknown buyer came in and made an offer of $270,000 which was enough to satisfy the seller.

Trumps Ferrari Sold

Similar 2007 Ferrari F430 F1 Coupes are selling for $120K-$130K, so whoever bought this particular Ferrari, paid about twice as much to be able to own a sports car driven by our current president. This particular F430 has the F1 (automatic) transmission which is much less desirable than a true 6-speed manual transmission.

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Trumps Ferrari F430