Limited Edition AC Schnitzer ACL2S Tuning Package

AC Schnitzer ACL2S

When you think about AC Schnitzer, you think about exclusivity, which is why AC Schnitzer is known for its ability to add more class and glamour to BMW and MINI cars and bikes. But their latest release of AC Schnitzer ACL2S has changed the game when it comes to BMW cars.

The modifications

AC Schnitzer ACL2S tuning package upgrades the performance of BMW 240i from 340 hp with a 500 Nm engine, to an astounding 400 hp with a 600 Nm.

The tuning package also boasts of a RS suspension which is fully adjustable. Its 3-directional approach focuses on height, rebound and compression and allows the BMW 240i to be as close as 35 mm to the ground at the front wheel and 40 mm at the rear wheel.

To make the car more smooth and effortless, AC Schnitzer ACL2S also brings a modified silencer system. It is prepared with V2A stainless steel and gives the car the extra edge both in terms of performance and style.

The aerodynamic package

With a front spoiler and splitter made of carbon fibre, side wings in the front and the rear also of the same material and side skirt kit carbon fibre wings, the aerodynamics package of the AC Schnitzer sure packs a punch.

The aerodynamics package loads the BMW up with enhanced aesthetic elements. Widening the ACL2S to 80 mm at the front and at the rear, the package fits a set of carbon covers for the mirror, a skirt film for the rear and a few sophisticated ACL2S logos.

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AC Schnitzer ACL2S

The interiors

The leather wheel follows the 3 spoke design of sports cars and is multifunctional. The wheel also includes a colored indicator with stitching. A 5-piece trim kit for the interiors is also part of the package.

The ride

AC1 Alloys Wheels sporting BiColor Black and Silver are the perfect riders for this BMW. With a width of about 19 inches, they fit snugly into the wide wheel arches.

There’s more

The package has been made customisable to a greater extent with the optional extras like a V-Max extension that goes up to 280 km/h, a limited edition slip blade differential, an additional set of Lightweight Forged Wheels Type VIII wheels, Recaro sports seats and bonnet vents amongst others. These optionals allow you to choose how you want to highlight different aspects of your BMW.

The unveiling

AC Schnitzer will release this limited edition tuning package, titled ACL2S in the Geneva Motor Show of 2017. Designed for the BMW 240i , the AC Schnitzer ACL2S commemorated the 30th anniversary of AC Schnitzer. This package makes the M-car most coveted of the 2-Series as it advances every aspect of the BMW!

The AC Schnitzer ACL2S tuning package, including all the components and along with the fitting, registration and tax, amounts to €35,900. If you are looking to upgrade your BMW you should act fast as only 30 sets of the tuning package will be available. You can get them from the Aachen-based tuner or from select partners of AC Schnitzer.

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AC Schnitzer ACL2S