Vorsteiner Gives The Audi R8 The Look It Deserves

Audi R8 Vorsteiner

On paper, the Audi R8 has always been one of the best supercars to buy. The current variant of the high-performance machine is arguably the best one from the family thanks to its easy-to-drive characteristics, all-weather capability from its all-wheel-drive system, and handsome interior. But in the world of mid-engine supercars, the R8 gets looked over because of its conservative styling.

Mid-engine supercars have returned with fury in the past few years. There’s the alien-like, but unique McLaren 570S, mind-bending Ford GT, tech-forward Acura NSX, and regal Ferrari 488 GTB. All of those supercars are better looking than the emotionless R8, which carries too much over from its predecessor. And the situation gets worse when you compare the R8 against its Italian twin, the Lamborghini Huracan.

Audi R8 Vorsteiner

Here’s where Vorsteiner comes to save the day. While the majority of tuners turn supercars into over-the-top machines that would stick out at the circus, Vorsteiner’s new kit for the R8 adds the perfect amount of aggressiveness to the German supercar.

Vorsteiner’s VRS Aero Program gives the R8 a much-need overhaul at the front and the back of the car. A large front splitter sits beneath the supercar’s massive grille, providing a sharp edge that drastically contrasts to the R8’s round features. The other two pieces draw attention to the back of the vehicle.

The rear end is now home to an enormous rear wing that makes the R8’s backside look smaller than it really is, while the diffuser appears to have been plucked straight off of a racecar. The kit may only be comprised of three components, but it gives the R8 an entirely new look.

Audi R8 Vorsteiner

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All of the parts are made out of carbon fiber, as one would expect, and bolt directly onto the factory mounting points, making installation a breeze. The parts aren’t exactly cheap, though. All together, it’ll cost an owner $8,885 for the front spoiler, rear wing, and diffuser. But when you’re dealing with a car that starts at roughly $163,000, we’re sure Vorsteiner’s kit is chump-change for owners.

Forget about performance upgrades that will make the R8 unusable on the roads, Vorsteiner’s kit is the first thing any R8 owner should purchase. This is the way the R8 should have come from the factory.