2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed Highlights

Porsche Le Mans 963 Daytona Hybrid

The Goodwood Festival of Speed ranks among the largest automotive events in any given year, and with the 2022 festival in our rear view mirror, it’s certainly worth covering some highlights. As you can imagine, “speed” ranks among many of the key highlights, with brands and drivers often racing to set blazing if not record-breaking speeds.

The Lucid Air set the fastest production car record for the Hillclimb Timed Shootout with their award-winning four-door sedan. Packing more than a thousand horsepower, the Lucid Air completed a lap in just 50.79 seconds. The Lucid Air can also hit 60 in well under three seconds, making it one of the quickest cars off the line. Lap-wise Lucid Air placed 12th out of 65 total cars (the cars finishing ahead were not production vehicles).

Lamborghini Aventador Ultimae

Lamborghini also used the Goodwood Festival of Speed to celebrate the ending of an era. Lamborghini will soon phase out gasoline-only production vehicles and will instead offer only hybrid and plugin-electric models. And with that, the flagship Aventador will soon race into the history books. At the Festival, fans could catch the Aventador Ultimae, perhaps the greatest Lamborghini Aventador for sale. Only 600 copies are slatted for production, so they’ll be hot collector’s items too.

The Porsche Le Mans 963 Daytona Hybrid, AKA 963 LMDh, was also on hand. The 963 LMDh will compete in the Penske Motorsport in the 2023 race season, including the 24-hour Le Mans race. Porsche leads Le Mans victories with 19 overall wins and is looking to add another with the 963 LMDh.