24K Gold Painted BMW i3 and i8 Heading to Charity Auction

24K Gold BMW

We’ve all seen gold paint jobs on cars. It’s a nice, classy, subdued color. Thing is, there are gold paint jobs and then there are gold paint jobs. Two BMW gold painted cars are going to be put up on the auction block, but the gold isn’t a mere trick of the paint, it’s real. The cars have been coated in a paint mix containing 24 carat gold.

The two cars in question are a BMW i3 and i8. The BMW i3 is a small SUV crossover, not exactly known for tearing up the road or oozing with refined luxury. It’s an electric car, however, and has proven to be reasonably popular despite its limitations.

24K Gold BMW i3 and BMW i8

The BMW i8, on the other hand, is an entirely difference beast. Starting at about $150,000, the BMW offers excellent performance in an environmentally friendly hybrid package. The BMW i8 manages to hit 60 miles per hour in about 4.2 seconds.

Back to the gold paint job. The two cars are being put on the auction block by Dagmar Havel, the widow of former Czech leader Václav. Since her husband’s death in 2003, Dagmar has dedicated her life to charity work. Her foundation, the Dagmar and Václav Havel Foundation, is known for providing social care, working on education, and advancing human rights.

Gold BMW i8 Interior

It’s unclear what the funds raised from the BMW i3 and i8 auction will be used for. But don’t be surprised if both cars fetch a lot of money. They’re collector items, certainly, and many people are a bit looser with their checkbook when they know the money is going to a good cause.

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