3 Electric Cars That Will Change The Future

Electric cars are all the rage these days with numerous automakers having already announced plans to phase out the tried and true combustion engine. While large, throaty gas engines defined the supercar industry for many decades, the future is electric. Fact is, it’s nearly impossible to beat the performance of electric engines, especially in terms of acceleration.

With that in mind, let’s look at some of the most electrifying prototypes unveiled in recent weeks.

Peugeot Inception: A Dreamy Future?

Peugeot Inception

The Peugeot Inception looks like something that’d fit at home in your favorite cyberpunk world. The sharp angles, fastback-like rear end, and long hood are perhaps more reminiscent of American muscle cars than European sports cars. Yet whatever inspirations the design team drew from, the Peugeot Inception is one of the most interesting prototypes to be shown off in recent years.

Mobility Afeela Prototype: A Sony and Honda Mash Up

Mobility Afeela Prototype

When you think of automobiles, you probably don’t think of Sony. However, Sony is working alongside Honda on the Mobility Afeela prototype. The Mobility Afeela sports a minimalist exterior and interior, but incorporates a fair bit of tech convenience, much of it designed by Sony.

A production car based on the Mobility Afeela is expected to hit the road within the next few years. Performance specs haven’t been released yet but some industry observers expect the Hona-Sony mashup to compete in the sports sedan category.

BMW i Vision Dee: A Colorful Chameleon

BMW i Vision Dee

Another prototype that looks like it’s straight out of a SciFi flick, the BMW i Vision Dee hints at the likely future for BMW. Not only is it all-electric, but it also features an aggressive new design philosophy. The vehicle is also a bit of a chameleon. Using e-ink technology, owners can modify the exterior colors practically at will.