7 Reasons to Buy an Exotic Car

When you think of an exotic car, what do you picture? I envision a Lamborghini, Aston Martin or something of that nature of beast. What do we really know about these creatures? Here are 7 of the many reasons to buy an exotic car.

Exotic Cars

Speed: Did you know that exotic cars hold the title of the fastest street cars in the world? Look at the 2016 Bugatti Chiron with 1500 insane horsepower. Travels from 0-62 in 2.5 seconds and tops out at 270 mph. Everyone loves fast but that’s crazy fast!

Luxury: Have you ever sat in an exotic car? There is no cheap trim. Only handcrafted and highest quality goes into these cars. We’re talking only the best and softest of leathers that are hand stitched. The finest of wood trims, polished and used to compliment the design. Top notch design is in every stitch, passion is in every electronic, and talent is found under every hood.

Handling: With all that speed you need precision for your turns. Exotic cars come with magnetic suspension due to traditional coils being too heavy and less effective. These vehicles are capable of taking turns at high speeds with agility and safety.

Safety: When you match that much speed and handling into a vehicle there are risks involved. Taking turns at excessive speeds is obviously dangerous but with dynamic seat controls (found commonly in the Mercedes S550) your rear and sides are secured where they belong. Frontal crash warning and brake assist systems have been implemented to ensure that even at top speed items in your path won’t be as likely to cause harm to you or your machine.

Design: Smooth lines, curves like those of a woman’s body, impeccable details, carefully crafted just for you. You cannot drive an exotic without turning every head as you go by. Most people won’t even notice you; they’ll just question what they saw. Was it a flash of light, was it superman? No. It was flawless and unique like a black stallion. It was your beast of a machine.

Investment: Most people cannot buy an exotic car. You have to be part of this secret society to have one. Some are in an attainable price range for those people willing to make the payment others require you to sacrifice your firstborn and donate all your organs to even come close to a payment.

Sex Appeal: I don’t know about you but when I think about an exotic car I think about a beautiful person with an aura of power, walking by at the valet stand to get into it. More times than not a man who owns one of these cars has a beautiful woman at his side. Just like it was said above in design, these cars have curves that can be attributed to a woman’s body. They are sleek and smooth with a design to draw every eye.

Exotic cars will always turn heads. They will always be for the beautiful and powerful. Exotic cars are just that, exotic.