All-Electric Revero SC1 Vision Concept Hypercar

Karma SC1 Vision Concept

You might remember Fisker automobiles, which for a few years managed to make some waves with its Karma automobile. Alas, the Great Recession and various industry headwinds did Fisker in and the company was bought by Chinese auto part conglomerate Wanxiang Group. Now, Wanxiang has unveiled the future, the Karma Revero SCI Vision Concept.

The auto company “Karma” has continued to produce the original Karma car model as a plugin hybrid, but it’s now called the Revero. The SCI Vision Concept, on the other hand, represents the future of the Revero and it’ll be all-electric.

Karma SC1 Vision Concept

If you’re still a bit confused by the naming, you’re not the only one. Wanxiang has decided to kill off the “Fisker” brand, and while Karma was previously the name of a car model, it’s now the name for the entire car company. Thus, we get the Karma Revero SCI Vision Concept.

And what a concept it is. The sleek styling looks like something straight out of a sci-fi film set decades into the future. Perhaps more importantly than the futuristic styling is the all electric power train. For Karma, this marks a big break from the company’s plug-in DNA.

Karma SC1 Vision Concept Interior

The Karma Revero SCI Vision Concept also comes equipped with half a dozen Lidar sensors, 8 radar sensors, and six external cameras. This suggests that the company has some serious self-driving ambitions. Karma claims that the Revero SCI Vision Concept was designed and engineered in just 12 months. However, it’s unclear if the concept is anywhere near road ready.