All New Lotus Evija is a Tradition Breaking Wonder

Lotus Evija

The all new Lotus Evija, one of the most awaited cars in recent memory, promises to be the first all-electric British hypercar. While the United States already has its electric speed demons, and Germany and Japan have been steadily advancing their all-electric drive trains, the United Kingdom has lagged a bit behind. But now Lotus is catching up quick.

The Lotus Evija, which should reach production by 2020, represents a potentially huge leap forward. Also known simply as “Project 130”, the Evija is actually the first car developed since Lotus was taken over by Geely.

Lotus Evija

Lotus has made a name for itself by building fast, super light cars. As an electric, the Evija will tip the scales more than most Lotuses. The company is targeting a weight of 1,680 kg, which is still quite light as far as all electric is concerned.

It’s believed that the Evija will crank out 2,000 PS and 1,700 Nm, which is a huge amount of power for any car, let alone a Lotus. Speed on the track isn’t known yet. Still, it’s expected that the Lotus Evija will hit 100 km per hour in less than 3 seconds and should have a top speed in excess of 300 kilometers.

Lotus Evija Interior

Speed at the charger is likewise expected to be very impressive. The car should get an 80 percent charge in just 12 minutes and a hundred percent in twenty. Range should come in at about 400 kilometers.

And not only will the Evija showcase Geely’s all-electric prowess, the hypercar will also feature the company’s refined new design language. All-in-all, the Evija should go down as a worthy entry into the electric hypercar ranks.

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