Audi R8 V10 Gets a Proper Send Off

2023 Audi R8 GT RWD

The day of V10 and V12 engines seems to be coming to an end for the Audi R8 for sale. As electric car technology has advanced, many automakers have shifted away from combustion engines. Likewise, combustion engines have come a long way and smaller engines can now produce more horsepower and torque than their big block brethren from a generation ago. With that in mind, Audi is sending off the R8 V10 with a big, throaty goodbye.

The last V10 engine to grace the R8 has arrived and it’ll send this luxury sports car off in style and power. The current generation of the R8 first appeared back in 2006. That’s quite a long time ago, especially in the world of automobiles and technology. Back then, Tesla wasn’t a big player and practical, long-range electrical cars were a dream of the future.

2023 Audi R8 GT RWD Review

In 2008, Audi unveiled a R8 V10 cranking out 525 horsepower. The 2023 Audi R8 marks the end of the line for the V10, and the last edition will crank out 612 horsepower. The last Audi R8 V10 should also hit 60 in about 3.4 seconds and a top speed just a hair under 200 miles per hour.

Audi has announced that they’ll introduce an all-electric sports car. It’s not known if the new sports car will carry on the R8 name or if it’ll race under a different badge. A release date hasn’t been pinned down either, but the next super car will probably hit the asphalt sometime in the mid to late 2020s. In the meantime, check out our Audi R8 Buyers Guide.