Best Selling Porsche Macan Going All Electric

Porsche Macan

Did you know that the Macan SUV is Porsche’s best selling vehicle? That’s right, the grocery-getter actually outsells the 911 and other models! And don’t be surprised if sales increase in the future. The Porsche Macan SUV is getting a hundred percent electric variant in the near future.

Currently, Tesla all but owns the high-end electric car market. However, Porsche isn’t going to cede the market to Tesla without a fight. The luxury hypercar maker plans to offer at least three all electric models in the coming years.

The company is spending nearly seven billion dollars through 2022 to secure this dream. And by 2025, Porsche aims to have at least half of the cars it produces be electric or hybrid. Given how popular the Macan SUV is, it’ll likely make up a big chunk of those sales.

Porsche Macan

Consider that in 2017, the Macan actually outsold the Porsche 911 by 3 to 1. While the 911 remains iconic, the Macan offers more functionality and still-great performance. Of course, the average Macan won’t be keeping up with a 911 at the race track.

Still, the electric drive train could close the gap. Electric cars are fast. The Macan will be powered by an 800 volt system, which is currently going into the Taycan sports car. This beauty is more sleek then the Macan and is expected to go on sale this year. It’s believed that the Taycan will hit 60 in about 3 seconds.

The Porsche Macan electric likely won’t be as fast. But it’ll still offer a lot of practicality. Still, it’ll likely be a few years before the all electric Macan hits the market.

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