BMW Closing in on 20 Year MotoGP Safety Car Anniversary

BMW MotoGP Safety Cars

BMW M’s 20 year anniversary for supplying safety cars for the MotoGP is on the horizon and you can expect the Bavarian car maker to pull out all the stops. And with the future fast approaching, let’s take a quick glance at the past.

Safety should always come first. That’s certainly the case for BMW’s go-faster M division, which has been supplying the MotoGP with some of the most capable and stunning safety cars since 1999. Essentially each car is a legend, built for life on the track.

Perhaps the coolest BMW safety car was the Z8 MotoGP, which managed to accurately reflect the two-door roadsters of the 1960’s while offering a stylish and timeless update. Standard production Z8’s were among the best of their time but the MotoGP deserves a special shout out. Equipped with the legendary BMW 507 and race track modifications, the Z8 MotoGP was right at home on the race track.

BMW MotoGP Safety Cars

If the Z8 MotoGP deserves the spot at the front, the E89 BMW Z4 M Coupe nips right at its heels. This car’s iconic styling still remains among the best in the business. Equipped with a powerful in-line six, the E89 BMW Z4 M Coupe was a head turner in the 2007 MotoGP season.

Come 2011 and BMW decided to “tone it down” a bit, opting for a BMW 1 Series M Coupe. While the  1 Series M Coupe lacked the iconic styling of the Z8 and Z4, it was still a heck of a car. BMW followed up with the M2 Coupe, which like other models was equipped specifically for the race track.

More recently, BMW has been offering a bit more room on the race track, opting to use the enthusiast favorite, the M5. Even as a four door sedan, however, the BMW M5 never felt out of place. Still, don’t be surprised if BMW decides to up the ante in celebration of their 20th safety anniversary in 2019.