BMW M4 Competition Convertible is the Best All-Around Sports Car

BMW M4 Competition Convertible

Looking for a fast and sharp convertible? If so, the BMW M4 Competition might be just the drop-top you need. The Competition model offers extra horsepower and other goodies to make it more competitive. And the end result is one of the best all-around drop-tops available on the market today.

The BMW M4 for sale offers more than 500 horsepower and nearly 480 ft lbs of torque. The Competition model retails for a bit under $90,000 and the car stands a good chance of becoming a collector’s item as it’ll be produced only in small numbers. When you add up the rarity and overall performance of this drop-top, it offers a good bargain.

Unfortunately, those drivers who favor manual transmissions are out of luck with this Competition model. Only an automatic transmission is offered.

BMW M4 Competition Convertible Interior

2022 BMW M4 Competition Review

You’ll find faster supercars, cheaper sports cars, and other convertibles offering more space and comfort. However, with the BMW M4 Competition, it’s hard to compete with the overall performance and handling. BMW’s M lineup has long been favored among motorsports enthusiasts for offering great on-road attributes and also a lot of practicality.

The M in the name of the lineup stands for motorsports. The BMW M line was founded in 1972. Typically, M cars feature modified engines, often to increase output. Many models also include M specific transmissions, stability control systems, suspension, and other features.

BMWs in general are fun cars to drive. But there’s no denying that the M models take things up a notch. That’s certainly true with the BMW M4 Competition convertible.