BMW’s Impressive All-Electric i4 Sedan is Now In Production

BMW i4

BMW, among other automakers, has been pivoting towards electric cars and nothing better illustrates the renowned automaker’s intent than the electric i4 sedan. For many years now, BMW sports sedans have been favorites among autosport enthusiasts owing to great handling and performance along with general practicality. Soon, BMW drivers can indulge in legendary performance while driving an all-electric vehicle.

The BMW i4 sedan will offer creature comforts, including a large family-friendly cabin and four doors (great for getting the kids and groceries in and out). BMW is largely sticking with their current buttoned-up design philosophy and at first glance, you might think the i4 is a standard M series sedan.

BMW i4 Factory

Underneath the sheet metal, however, you’ll find a dual-motor electric powertrain capable of cranking out more than 500 horsepower. The i4 also features a 300-mile range, offering plenty of distance for most daily commutes.

The BMW is also pretty budget-friendly, at least as far as BMWs go. Some automakers, like Mercedes, are positioning their all-electric sports cars as higher-end vehicles. The Mercedes EQ, featuring a stunning futuristic design, is expected to retail for more than $100,000. The BMW i4, on the other hand, will launch starting at about $55,000, in line with the company’s traditional cars.

BMW is also assembling the i4 in their existing manufacturing plants rather than building all-new plants for EV production. This should help BMW remain flexible, shifting to meet those cars most in demand without having to idle entire plants. The strategy highlights BMW’s current plans to hedge both electric and traditional combustion vehicles.

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