Custom Porsche 356 RSR Outlaw Coupe Headed To Auction

Porsche 356 RSR Outlaw Coupe

A custom 1960 Porsche 356 RSR Outlaw Coupe is heading to the digital auction block and is expected to fetch a high price. Vintage Porches are always in short supply and high demand so even as the world continues to struggle with the COVID-19 pandemic, rare cars continue to sell.

Milan-based MOMO teamed up with Rod Emory to put this beauty together. Based on a 911 and featuring an aluminum exterior, this vintage Porsche certainly catches the eye. Take a peek inside and you’ll feast upon a brilliant red interior, along with a Prototipo steering wheel and matching pedals. The car is also equipped with safety harnesses.

Porsche 356 RSR Outlaw Coupe

This Porsche Outlaw is set to hit the auction block on either August 14th or 15th. Check back for the exact date and time if you want to get in on the action. RM Sotheby’s is expected to offer at least 200 more cars on these dates, with bidding taking place entirely online. While rare cars are often bid for in person, the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing auctioneers to shake things up.

Besides the 1960 Porsche 356 RSR Outlaw Coupe rare Mercedes, Ferraris, and other vehicles are expected to be on hand. Classics dating back to the 1920s, and modern hyper cars are all expected to sell.

Porsche 356 RSR Outlaw Coupe Interior

Want to auction off your own vintage hypercar? RM Sotheby’s is accepting cars until the end of auction. But if you miss this round, they’ll likely offer similar events in the future.