Ferrari 458 Buyer’s Guide

Ferrari 458 Buyer's Guide

Few vehicles have impacted the Ferrari legacy as much as the 458 because of so many innovations. To begin with, a sleek Pininfarina-designed body produced the most aerodynamic Ferrari to date. Underneath the striking exterior sits the most powerful naturally aspirated V8 to grace something from Maranello. This power plant is also the first production Ferrari engine to use direct fuel injection. 

Other standout features on the Ferrari 458 for sale include a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission borrowed from the Enzo and an all-new aluminum alloy chassis.

All these features add up to a memorable supercar that is widely sought-after by enthusiasts and Ferrari collectors. Read on for an overview of the 458.

Ferrari 458: The Basics

Model Years: 2010-2015

Engine: 4.5-liter V8

Horsepower: 562 or 597 hp

Torque: 394 or 398 lb-ft

Variants: Italia (base), Spider, Speciale, and Speciale A

0-60 mph Time: 3.3 seconds, 3.0 seconds (Speciale, Speciale A)

Top Speed: 202 mph

The price of admission to the Ferrari 458 club begins at around $200,000 for an older model. Still, you’ll easily spend two to four times this amount for a pristine example or one of the Speciale variants. 

Let’s look at a year-by-year updates for the Ferrari 458

2010 Ferrari 458

The 458’s debut model year comes with the Ferrari 458 Italia as the sole variant. This Ferrari shows off every note from the flat-plane-crank V8 thanks to a simpler exhaust system. A new exhaust setup was used starting in 2012, which tones things down. About 15,000 Italias were built throughout the 458’s production, making it the most plentiful variant.

2011 Ferrari 458

Ferrari introduces a 458 variant for the second model year. The Ferrari 458 Spider features a two-piece retractable aluminum roof that power folds behind the seats. Otherwise, the specs are the same as the for the Italia, including the 562-horsepower engine. While not as abundant as the base Ferrari (if base is the right word for any Ferrari), 6,000 examples mean an open-top 458 isn’t too hard to find. Production of the Spider continued through the 2015 model year.

2012 Ferrari 458

2012 carries forward with the Italia and Spider variants and numerous upgrades, including the revised exhaust that makes for a kinder and gentler 458 (as far as sound is concerned). Other changes reflect software updates to the transmission and engine and improvements to the suspension and chassis.

2013 Ferrari 458

There’s nothing new for the 458’s 2013 model year; it’s just a continuation of 2012. But things get interesting when 2014 comes around.

2014 Ferrari 458

With plans already underway for the 488, Ferrari begins to wind down the 458 with something special. The Speciale variant is launched for the 2014 model year and incorporates a winning formula no matter the automaker: more power and less weight. The 562 ponies from the lower variants get tuned up to 597 horsepower. Torque also notches up to 597 lb-ft. Thanks to the deletion of extra things like carpet and the use of carbon fiber, Ferrari axes almost 200 pounds from the 458 Speciale. As a result, 0-60 mph time improves to three seconds flat.

2015 Ferrari 458

Ferrari wrapped up the 458’s last year with a full roster of variants, as well as the 2015-only Speciale A. This unique version incorporates the Speciale’s powertrain and the Spider’s retractable roof. Only 499 examples were built, making it the rarest street-legal 458 (Ferrari produced various race versions of the 458).

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