Ferrari F8 Spider Review

Ferrari F8 Spider

Miles fly and the thrills soar behind the wheel of a 2020 Ferrari F8 Spider. This newly imagined model was built off the existing Ferrari 488 which was first introduced to the world in September 2019.

The 2020 version has successfully made it a mission to bring the supercar experience to new levels of excellence. Considered a great daily driver as well as a top performer on the road, the Ferrari F8 Spider is just as adept at carrying drivers to work as it is to racing back roads.

Ferrari F8 Performance Specs Re-Designed and Amplified

The Ferrari F8 Spider proves it deserves to be top-in-class on the road at every turn. Ferrari outdoes themselves with the inclusion of 710 horsepower paired with 568-pound feet of torque behind the wheel.

A Ferrari F8 Spider review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the all-out performance value of a vehicle that offers up this type of impressive power, speed, and capable design. The addition of a trick boost control system in this model adds to the linear power of the vehicle—something the twin-turbocharged engine benefits from as well.

Ferrari F8 Spider Review

Innovative Features Specific to the Ferrari F8 Spider that the Elevate Experience

Thrilling speeds are the drivers to enjoy in a Ferrari F8 Spider, but the steering wheel-mounted warning lights, noticeable at the peripheral level, put this model above the rest. Drivers will find this feature fantastic when it comes to upshift warnings, proving essential to driving patterns and making for a one-of-a-kind ride.

Equally intriguing is the impossible-to-ignore variable boost control which is a defining feature of the Ferrari F8 Spider. This function closely monitors both engine speed and throttle position, pinpointing moments of increased pressurization to create a sense of explosive power.

Extras that Put the Ferrari F8 Spider Over the Top

Driving this captivating model of Ferrari is one thing, but putting the roof down alters the experience entirely. The Ferrari F8 Spider can be purchased as a convertible complete with a roof unit that not only flips over seamlessly but can be stowed away, completely out of sight, on top of the engine.

When you drive the convertible version, you’ll feel good and look great too. Ferrari has done a magnificent job of creating a cabin with impeccable airflow control standards.

Of course, for those that prefer to take their adventures on roads less traveled, the Ferrari F8 Spider’s Bumpy Road Mode is ideal. The inclusion of unmatched shock absorbers makes it simple for drivers to move between a racing take on life or a daily commute—all at the touch of a button.

2020 Ferrari F8 Spider

Hit the Road in Ferrari Style

The sophistication, design, power, and thoughtful attention to turbocharged detail make the Ferrari F8 spider well worth driving. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current Ferrari model, or are on the hunt for a Ferrari for sale that keeps you driving in style, Exotic Car List offers up an impeccable selection of options.