Ginetta Reveals G58 LMP1 Prototype Race Car

Ginetta G58 LMP1

Ginetta may not be the most famous hypercar manufacturer, but they are making some waves. And at the past Geneva Motor Show 2019, Ginetta unveiled the G58 LMP1 prototype racing car, a truly radical take on hypercars.

First off, the Ginetta G58 LMP1 prototype is a mid-engine car. Nothing radical about that, of course, but owing to the mid-engine placement, Ginetta was able to design the car to generate a whopping 376 kg of downforce via an aggressive nose.

And this hypercar weighs just 1,150 kg because it uses a carbon fibre monocoque and carbon fibre bodywork. Weight is well distributed, with 49 percent in the front and 51 percent in the rear.

Ginetta G58 LMP1

Still, if you want to add some weight, there’s room for 675 liters of luggage in the trunk. (Many hypercars give you 300 liters or less of trunk space. This massive trunk might just be the most radical feature. We just, but not really!)

The ample downforce, light weight, and balanced weight distribution should make the Ginetta G58 LMP1 a nimble hypercar on the track and road. Meanwhile, equipped with a naturally aspirated V8 that cranks out 600 bhp and 700 nm of torque, the LMP1 prototype will have plenty of power. Hewland Engineering will be supplying the six-speed sequential paddle-shift gearbox.

The Ginetta G58 LMP1 prototype also comes with many modern amenities. You’ll get ABS brakes, a reverse camera, automatic headlights, parking sensors, heated screens, traction control, and of course, air conditioning. However, if you want one of these beauties, act fast. Only 20 will be made and 12 have already been spoken for.

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