How To Sell Cars On Instagram

Sell Cars On Instagram

Everyone uses instagram. It’s more than social media, it’s a database of the whole world’s photos. Pics can be tagged in a million combination of ways; which has made it virtually effortless on our end to get photos of whatever, and from wherever we wish in an insta.

Thanks to the hashtag, it is now simple to find any thing you want to see a photo of, especially cars. And luckily supercars. Now that Instagram allows you to follow a specific hashtag, interested parties will for sure see your car for sale, as long as you included the proper hashtag in the comments section.

So, why not sell your car on Instagram? It only makes sense. You are selling a Porsche. Or selling a luxury car. Or selling a supercar. (or not, we won’t tell) Either way follow the steps below to get it done.

Step 1

Wash your car. Self explanatory. Do it yourself, as a family activity, or bring it to the pros. Make sure its squeaky clean.

Step 2

Take nice photos. Not everyone is a photographer but do the best you can. Or ask your son to do it. Or your friend. Or just hire a photographer! But listen, if it’s a nice clean car on a clear sunny (or cloudy, just no rain or snow please) day, the car will speak for itself.

Step 3 

Open the Instagram app

Step 4

Tag it!

Include a geographic tag for your town/city or dealership where its located if on consignment.

Get specific! Make sure you tag all the specs of your car buyers want to know, and also put it the caption. You can even use tags while you write the caption if you want to save time. Don’t forget to include the basics like – Year, Make, Model, Body Style, Transmission, Drivetrain, Interior color and Exterior color

Step 5

Price it right. You can use sites like ours to compare prices of comparable cars so you can price yours right.

Follow those easy steps to blast your car for sale all over the gram. The fastest way to sell an exotic car is to maximize exposure, so an online listing to supplement the Instagram post will definitely be to your benefit, so make sure to post your car on Exotic Car List.