How to Sell Supercars Online

Follow these steps to successfully sell your supercar online.

Get A Car Wash

The process of selling your car starts with a car wash. With supercars, this should mean a proper detail and wax, if you don’t have any car wax I’d recommend checking out this guide on buying car wax. ($150-$250).

Ferrari Car Wash

High Quality Photos

Hire a photographer to take 30-40 professional photos of the car with proper scenery and lighting. Make sure to cover all angles and details in order to advertise it properly.

Asking Price

Research similar cars for sale online in order to determine the asking price. Make sure you leave room to negotiate.

Shop Cars Online

List Your Car

Advertise your supercar on websites geared towards selling ultra luxury and exotic cars. Reaching affluent buyers is the only way to get quality offers.

Get Started: Sell Exotic Cars Online

Respond To Inquiries

Be available to respond to inquires from potential buyers by email and phone. Some buyers are in a rush while others are patiently shopping.

Respond to Calls

Pre-Purchase Inspection

The buyer may request a PPI (Pre Purchase Inspection) performed on the car. This costs between $125-$350 and usually the buyers pays for it.

Pre Purchase Inspection

Hold Your Ground

Closing the deal may require some negotiating as the buyer tries to get the price lowered. Hold your ground. Supercars are rare and in high demand.

Close the deal