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Aston Martin is a name with strong brand recognition. You could go to anyone with even a passing interest in cars, and a whole lot of people with none, and that name would still call to mind something magical. Speed, sophistication, and style are the words that come to mind. However, if you’ve gotten your hands on an Aston, but want to part ways with it, whether that’s to upgrade to a new model, or need the cash, there is a right way and wrong way to go about it. In this blog post, I’m going to show you the right way.

Research the Market

Market research: the bane of those with sales jobs, comes into play when you want to make sure you get the right price for your fine machine. Research your vehicle’s value and rarity: are there lots of them around, pushing the price down, or is yours the only one in your area? Take a look at the way condition is affecting value: high-mileage, minor damage and more all affect price, but to varying extents on different models. Get clued up.

Find different marketplaces

A great place to start out when trying to sell your used Aston Martin online is on a website like Exotic Car List, but it’s also wise not to overlook the less obvious places. There are numerous, numerous communities both online and off that are dedicated to Aston Martin. In a community like this, you’re also very likely to get an accurate price for your car (presuming that you’ve researched correctly, and understand how much it is worth.)

Fix any small issues, be honest about anything else

As always, first impressions are vitally important. When your potential buyer sees your car, you want them to be wowed. Get it cleaned, have any minor damage (dents, scratches, etc) repaired, essentially, make it look as new as possible. You’d also be well advised to have a mechanic give it a look-over, to check for any other problems. Finally, and, dear Exotic Car List reader, I know I don’t need to say this to you: you’re a fine human being, but be honest. If there are issues with your model, whether major or minor. For example, if yours was one of the 17,000 cars recalled in 2014 due to a parts issue, make sure the work was done — if not, honesty is the best policy. Get a fair price for all parties.


Once again, this comes down to doing your research. Prices vary wildly depending on models, and may be more or less than you were expecting. For example, DB9s from 2014-15 often go for around $140K, while older models can still fetch around $100K. If you’re lucky enough to have a classic, then, my friend, you get to be the lucky person who sets their price as ‘PoA’.

Let’s recap, then. Crucially, do your research, always. Know as much about your car as you can, to avoid sharks and to make it a pleasant experience for your buyer. You annoy them, you’re never getting a sale. Second: get it spruced up and repair any major damage. Make it look new. Finally: price it appropriately. Don’t try and set a ridiculously high price: few things will put people off buying from you more than that.

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