Legendary Greenwood Corvette Race Car For Sale

Greenwood Chevrolet Corvette Race Car

A highly renowned and historic Greenwood Chevrolet Corvette race car is headed to Mecum Auctions. The iconic Corvette for sale, which has been extensively modified for racing purposes, is one of the most recognizable and successful Corvette racers of all time.

The Greenwood Corvette was created by John Greenwood, a renowned Corvette racer and car designer, in the 1970s. The vehicle’s distinctive green and white livery, along with its highly modified engine and aerodynamic features, made it a standout on the racetrack.

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Greenwood Corvette Race Car

The car’s success on the track was equally impressive. The Greenwood Corvette won numerous races and championships throughout its racing career, including a class victory at the 24 Hours of Daytona in 1975.

Today, the Greenwood Corvette is considered one of the most important and influential race cars in Corvette history. It remains a popular sight at vintage racing events and car shows, where it continues to attract attention and admiration from car enthusiasts around the world.