McLaren 620R Provides Track-Ready Street Performance

McLaren 620R

The McLaren 620R is looking to raise the high-bar for modern hypercars even higher. The McLaren 620R provides track-ready performance, but unlike many track cars, it’s also street legal. It’s quite the beauty too, with sharp, aerodynamic lines and an aggressive posture. The McLaren 620R for sale is a street-ready version of the McLaren 570S GT4, which was actually a track edition of the regular McLaren 570S for sale. That’s hard to keep straight, but suffice to say, the McLaren 620R is one heck of a hypercar.

Indeed, the 2021 McLaren 620R actually ups the power, packing 611 horsepower, which is the most power offered by any McLaren sports car. The 620R is blazing fast at the drag strip, completing a quarter mile in just 10.4 seconds, and is expected to top out above 200 miles per hour. The 2021 McLaren 620R is just as quick off the line too, hitting 60 miles per hour in only 2.8 seconds and nearing 125 miles per hour in 8.1 seconds.

McLaren 620R

You have to give up some amenities to achieve such performance. The interior is stripped down and offers fewer luxuries than many hypercars. For example, you won’t find cup holders, AC, and a glove box.

Then there’s the massive rear wing. Given the 2021 McLaren 620R’s performance, a large wing is needed to provide ample downforce, in this case 408 pounds of downforce. This will help you keep the 620R grounded, lest it fly off into the skies. However, the wing also reduces rear visibility.

The 2021 McLaren 620R is expected to start at $280,000.

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