Meet The 5th Generation Land Rover Range Rover

5th Generation Land Rover Range Rover

The Land Rover Range Rover is one of the most iconic SUVs in history. Long used in the less tame areas of the world, the Range Rover has been respected for its off-road capabilities for decades. And compared to most models, the Range Rover gets fewer major updates and new generations. Now, the 5th generation Range Rover for sale has been unveiled.

The new Range Rover stays true to the general boxy, clean Range Rover look. The 5th generation is defined by straight lines and flat surfaces. At the same time, the newest generation is also one of the most aerodynamic production SUVs in the world with a drag coefficient of just .30.

New Land Rover Range Rover

We’ll have to wait until the Range Rover can be put through the field testing to learn just how good this SUV is off-road. For in city luxury driving, however, the new Range Rover has you covered. The beautiful interior is defined by clean lines, an active noise cancellation system ensuring a quiet ride, and plenty of other luxuries.

From 1969 to 1994, Range Rovers used pretty much the same styling and basics. Then in 1995 a second generation Range Rover was launched. In 2001, the third generation debuted, focusing more on luxury than off-road prowess. Then in 2011, the 4th generation was launched. Excepting the second generation, each generation gets plenty of time on the road and in the production line.

Now, the 5th generation Range Rover continues to highlight Land Rover’s commitment to luxury and off-road capability.

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