Mercedes-AMG One Hybrid Races Into Production Next Year

Mercedes-AMG One

Customers who managed to place an order for the much-coveted AMG One hypercar received good news in recent days. Emails sent out informed buyers that the AMG One hypercar will go into production in 2022.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s been much uncertainty around car production. Not just hypercars either. Major manufacturers the world over have had to shut down production lines for their bread-and-butter cars, SUVs, and trucks.

Production for the One hybrid was first slotted for 2019. Solving various engineering issues, including getting the power train up to snuff for Europe’s increasingly stringent emissions standards proved difficult.

Mercedes-AMG Project One

Add in the many supply chain issues caused by the COVID 19 pandemic, and it’s no wonder that production got pushed all the way back to 2022. While Mercedes will work hard to deliver hypercars, further delays can’t be completely ruled out.

Costing $2.6 million, the AMG One hybrid is a pricey car. Regardless, all 275 models set for production have already been spoken for.

A quick glance a the AMG One makes its Formula 1 heritage clear to see. Sleek lines and subtle design leave the AMG One looking like a proper race car. The AMG One is expected to crank out around a thousand horsepower, if not more.

Performance specs haven’t been released but the car is expected to hit 124 miles per hour (yes, miles, not kilometers) in six seconds or less. The AMG One is also expected to offer an all-electric range of at least 15 miles.

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