New Polestar Electric Hypercar Concept

Polestar Aero Coupe

Polestar has already established itself as one of the leading electric carmakers the world over. However, the Polestar_21 Aero Coupe Concept, should it ever come to life, could establish the company as a strong brand in the hypercar market. The Polestar 1 offered strong motorsport performance but was more a challenger to a BMW M8 rather than a Ferrari hypercar. Designs like the _21 could raise the bar.

The design of the Polestar_21 is definitely a standout. Like motorsports cars from the 1920s, the Polestar_21 features a long hood and low profile. Obviously, the Polestar_21 is even sleeker and lower, with designers today afforded opportunities not offered technology-speaking to car designers in the 1902s.

Polestar Aero Concept Hypercar

The Polestar_21’s general profile is also vaguely reminiscent of the long-hood Corvettes. The long, low profile is backed up by a chunky rear end (by modern standards). That said, the front hood and grill cut even wider, offering a blade/plow-like look. One might argue that the concept would make for a great Batmobile vehicle.

The Polestar_21 Aero Coupe Concept certainly screams into the future but also echoes the past. The designers also did a great job imbuing Polestar’s look and brand into the hypercar concept. Alexey Semenov headed up the design. The designer has been making quite the name for himself, having previously worked with VW, Fisker, Mercedes, and other major car companies.

Polestar Electric Aero Coupe

It’s unlikely that the current Polestar_21 Aero Coupe Concept will be brought fully to life. However, these highly futuristic concepts sometimes showcase future design philosophies or at least could help pave the way for how design philosophies may evolve. Certainly, if Polestar heads down this particular road, the outcomes could be special.