Porsche Brings Back Iconic Liveries for Le Mans 2018

Porsche "Pink Pig" Le Mans

Porsche is looking to revive some of its classic liveries and is planning to show off the studs at the Le Mans 24 Hours race. With the Le Mans race fast approaching, expect a lot of hypercar companies to unveil flashy race cars. However, don’t be surprised if the Porsche number 91 and number 92 are the biggest head turner.

Porsche number 91 will feature a blue and white color scheme that will be reminiscent of the Rothmans 956 C, which previously won the Le Mans in the early 1980’s. The number 92 resembles the “Pink Pig” 917/20 design from 1971. Porsche will also field a number 93 and 94 that will feature the more traditional red, black, and white livery.

Porsche Rothmans Liverie

Number 92, the “Pink Pig”, will almost certainly draw the eyes. The Le Mans race is often dominated either by bright neons or conservative reds, blacks, whites, and similar traditional colors. The Pink Pig will be anything but, clad head to toe in a gentle but eye-catching pink.

Outside of Porsche’s own cars, six more Porsches are going to participate in the Le Mans. However, these other Porsches will be driven by customers rather than Porsche itself.

Number 92, the “Pink Pig”

The 2018 Le Mans will take place across 16 and 17 June 2018. The race is a 24-hour endurance race. As far as car makers go, Porsche holds the most wins with 19. Audi holds the second most wins at 13, while Ferrari comes in third with 13. The race has been held in France since 1923.

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