Red Mist Mustang Movie Car Replica

2008 Ford Mustang GT Hurst RED MIST Edition, finished in Torch Red over Red/Black leather interior, this RED MIST has just 9,066 miles from new and is just 1 of 3 over built! This Mustang has OVER $100K documented that was invested into this real life movie car. It’s the RED MIST #3 Movie Edition replica. This Red MIST Mustang for sale is one of three RED MIST that was designed by Rich Evans. This RED MIST design appeared in the movie KICK ASS as the main (Red Mist) Villain’s ultimate Mustang. It is currently for sale by Domani Motors in Deerfield Beach, Florida with an asking price of $73,900.

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Red Mist Mustang Movie Car Replica

Red Mist Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang Movie Car Red Mist

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