Rimac Nevera: The World’s Fastest Production EV

Rimac Nevera EV

If you happen to find yourself in a drag race with a Rimac Nevera, good luck. Rimac may not be as famous as some hypercar brands like Ferrari, or EV leaders like Tesla, but they’re producing blazing fast supercars. In fact, the Rimac Nevera has already raced itself to the history books, being the fastest electric vehicle (EV) in the world as measured by top speed.

When it comes to combustion versus electric motors, the former often produce the highest top speeds while the latter are frequently faster off the line. Consider the performance variants of Tesla Model S, which can hit 60 in well under 2.5 seconds, accelerating faster than many Lamborghinis and Ferraris. Yet the Tesla Model S for sale tops out at round 150 miles per hour while many combustion supercars can comfortably top 190 miles per hour.

Rimac Nevera Interior

New All-Electric Rimac Nevera Hypercar

The Rimac Nevera, however, can achieve speeds in excess of 250 miles per hour. And we’re not talking about hypotheticals. An unaltered Nevera hit 256 miles per hour recently at the  Automotive Testing Papenburg race track in Germany. Yet while the Nevera is a massive charge forward for EVS, the Nevera has a much slower than the top speed Bugatti Chiron, which tops 300 miles per hour and currently holds the record for the fastest production car.

All that said, if you happen to pick up a Nevera for a cool $2.4 million, you’ll reach a max speed of about 219 miles per hour. Why? The vehicle is electronically limited to this top speed.