T Largo 7: Tesla Model X by T Sportline

T Largo 7 Tesla Model X

Want a Tesla Model X with a bit more flair? The limited edition T-Largo 7 Model X, offered by T Sportline, might be just what you need. Limited to just 20 special bespoke Model X P100D units, the latest T Largo 7 edition offers a hot orange interior and all the performance Tesla has to offer.

The P100D Tesla’s are quite well regarded among hyper car enthusiasts, especially when it comes to the drag strip. A  P100D Model X can hit 60 in just 2.9 seconds flat. That’s an impressive number for a hyper car, such as a Lamborghini or Ferrari. But remember, the Model X is a large crossover.

Tuned Tesla Model X

If there’s one lasting criticism of Teslas, however, it’s that they are a bit of sleeper cars. For many buyers, that’s perfect. But let’s face it, some of us want a bit more flair to go with our horsepower. That’s why T Sportline is offering fine tuned Tesla’s, including the T-Largo 7 Model X.

The flashiest bit is the interior, which has been accented with a Lamborghini-style orange. On the outside, an aggressive body kit gives this Tesla a more race-track ready look. That entire interior is wrapped up in XPEL Ultimate Paint Protection Film, providing a bit of extra protection.

T Largo 7 Tesla Model X Interior

Of course, you still get the great driving experience, long electric range, and electronic gadgetry that comes with any Tesla Model X. The T-Largo 7 series simply offers a sexier package for all the goodies inside. With just 20 slated for production, however, you might want to act fast.

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