The 2023 BMW i7 is an Electrifying EV Entry

2023 BMW i7

The upcoming 2023 BMW i7 is perhaps the most advanced 7 Series to ever grace the road and one of the most advanced BMWs period. A large, roomy, and ultimately stunning car that also gets about 300 miles to the charge and features a powertrain capable of cranking out more than 500 horsepower.

BMW is famous for its sports cars, although many enthusiasts opt for 3 and 5 Series vehicles. The 7 Series typically isn’t as nimble but offers a lot of room, which is great for carting around adults and families. The i7 will also offer an adaptive air suspension system and rear-wheel steering, which should improve handling.

2023 BMW i7 Interior

The BMW i7 electric features an all-electric drive train dubbed the xDrive60. This BMW for sale will be able to charge at 195 kilowatts at a DC fast charging station and you should be able to get around 80 miles of charge distance within just 10 minutes.

BMW has emerged as one of the more aggressive traditional carmakers in pursuit of all-electric cars. The company is aiming for half of its cars sold to be electric by 2030. In 2022, BMW is looking to sell at least 200,000 electric vehicles, which would be about double compared to 2021.

Besides the 2023 BMW i7, the i4 Fastback will likely play a big role in the company’s ambitions. The i4 offers nimble handling and a road experience enthusiasts are likely to love. BMW is also rolling out electric SUVs and other offerings.