The Slovenian Tushek TS 900 Hybrid Hypercar

Tushek TS 900 Hybrid Hypercar

The Tushek TS 900 might just upend the crowded supercar market. But first, think about the word “supercar.” Now, think about the countries you associate with the name. What comes to mind? Italy? Germany? Perhaps the United States? How about Slovenia?

If you recall Tushek, the tiny supercar maker that managed to make some waves back in 2012 with its 450-horse power Renovatio T500, then maybe the country rings a bell. And if not? The TS 900 might just force you to pay attention to Tuskek, if not Slovenia (the company’s home) in general.

The TS 900 is expected to hit 60 miles in 2.5 seconds or less, which will make it one of the fastest hyper cars on the market. And this Tuskek should top out at 236 miles per hour. All of this performance and it’s a hybrid. While there are a select number of hyper cars producing similar times, few are hybrids, making the TS 900 all the more unique.

Tushek TS 900

Despite being a hybrid, the TS 900 weighs just 3,108 pounds. In comparison, the Acura NSX hybrid weighs over 700 pounds more! Handling and on-road performance is pure speculation but the light weight is promising.

The TS 900 will also be equipped with some very muscular Brembo brakes and Pirelli Trofeo Series R tires. The hardtop roof is removable, and you’ll also get some stylish scissor doors. All of this suggests that Tushek is very serious about making the TS 900 a success.

As for styling, the car is a stunner. It’s modern, sleek, and unique with sharp angles and curves and a muscular profile.  Pricing and sale dates, however, remain unknown. The Tushek TS 900 will premier in the UK on September 7th at the Salon Prive Concours.

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