The Zenvo TSR-S Is a Danish Race Machine

Zenvo TSR-S

From zero to 100 kilometers per hour in just 2.8 seconds, the Zenvo TSR-S truly is a street legal “race car.” As of right now, only 5 copies of the Zenvo TSR-S are slotted for production, so these beauties won’t be gracing the streets all too often. The newest model features much of the same styling as other Zenvo models, but gets some seriously upgraded hardware.

The 5.8L V8 engine is expected to crank out over 1,100 horsepower. How do you get that much power out of a engine?  Two centrifugal superchargers and sequential fuel injection certainly helps.

Zenvo TSR-S Review

Of course, when producing that much horsepower, the biggest challenge is often getting the horses to the pavement. Such high horsepower cars need a lot of downward force both to produce acceleration and to keep the car from ripping itself off the ground. The Zenvo TSR-S features a large aggressive wing that generates both downward and inward force, which will help the tires grip the ground.

All that force allows the Zenvo TSR-S to really get up and go. Not only can the Zenvo TSR-S hit 100 kilometers in just 2.8 seconds, but it can hit 200 KPH in just 6.8 seconds! This will make the TSR-S one of the fastest hypercars on the planet.

Zenvo TSR-S Interior

Zenvo is based in Denmark, a country not as renowned for its automobiles as say nearby Germany. However, last year Zenvo helped put Denmark on the map with its  Zenvo TS1 GT. This year, the Zenvo TSR-S is expected to be unveiled at the 2018 Geneva auto convention. It’s going to be a crowded show, but expect Zenvo to stand out.

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