With The Apollo G2J Electric Prototype, The Future Is Now

Apollo G2J Electric Prototype

Apollo, a relatively young German automaker, has unveiled perhaps its hottest design yet, the G2J, an all-electric electric sports coup. That said, if you’re looking to get your hands on the G2J, you’re out of luck. The vehicle is neither a concept nor a production car but instead a prototype for testing new ideas.

Apollo has been working on the G2J for over two years now. Why bother building a prototype? The company is looking to test digital ecosystems, lightweight materials, and of course, electric powertrains. While many large automakers already have a lot of experience their belt, Apollo has only about 50 employees and has put together only a small number of concepts and vehicles.

Apollo G2J

This probably explains why the company is building a prototype right now, rather than a production car. Building a testbed could help Apollo level up skills and knowledge. While the G2J may never see the light of day, it’s quite possible that future vehicles from Apollo will incorporate lessons learned and concepts from the prototype. Indeed, company officials believe the G2J could eventually contribute to the development of a roster of different hypercars.

Apollo was founded in 2004 but struggled in its early years, eventually forcing the company into bankruptcy. In 2016, Ideal Team Venture, based out of Hong Kong, purchased and revived the brand. Still, Apollo remains a small boutique firm and will likely stay that way in the near future. The Apollo G2J is certainly an exciting new exotic car for sale.