1970 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

1970 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray


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Brownsburg, IN 46112

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Seller's Notes

SOLD! SOLD! SOLD!!! I am a virtually Original 1970 Corvette. I was born and shipped from the factory in St. Louis on April 6, 1970. I am a Convertible AND a Hardtop. I was purchased by a retired GM Engineer by the name of George H. Owings, 5445 West 16th Street, Speedway, Indiana. My retail price was $5,626.75. I have the following options: • Power Windows • Auxiliary Top: Black • Vinyl Roof Cover: Black • Power Brakes • Turbo Hydra-Matic • Power Steering • AM/FM Pushbutton Radio My first owner, George Owings died in early 1979. George started buying Corvettes in 1953—the very first year that Corvettes were produced. He traded Corvettes every two years until 1970. George loved me so much, that he decided to keep me until he died. In March of 1979—after his Will went through Probate—his 77 year old widow—Harriet J. Owings—put me up for sale. The first person who came to look at me was John G., who lived on the Westside of Indianapolis, two blocks from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. When you talk to John, he will share with you FORTY YEARS OF STORIES. Yes, John has owned me for 40 years. Both George and John were “receipt” keepers and documentation nerds. EVERY RECEIPT from April 6th, 1970—including the unusual shipping document from the “Car Shipper”, original invoice and window sticker—to the last receipt showing an oil change—have been kept and maintained in three ring binders. I loved George for ordering me from the Factory, but I really loved John for keeping me in virtually 100% original condition. George had every service performed by Dave McIntire Chevrolet on the Westside of Indianapolis—until they sold out to a larger Dealer. John maintained me at a local shop in Brownsburg, Indiana—a 52 year old family run business. The owner was the only one allowed to do the work, or supervise the work on me. Don’t tell John that I told you this, but John is now 71 years old (Seventy-One!!). When I first met John, he was just a young buck, still wet behind the ears. Now he’s an old fart, who doesn’t drive me much! Although, he never did drive me much; I think he just liked having me around when the girls showed up at his house. I don’t have many miles on me. If my memory serves, I had about 52,000 miles on me when John bought me on April 6, 1979. I now have just over 70,000 miles. He only drove me about 4-500 miles a year. It had to be sunny and warm before he would take my cover off—and fire me up! Is my face as smooth as when I was born? No; after all I’m 49 years old! I have some cracks in my paint here and there. But thankfully, John resisted the temptation to have me painted. I didn’t like the idea of having face lift surgery. So, and John and I had a long talk, and we both decided that it was time for someone else to love and own me. If you are looking for a Daytona Yellow Corvette, with two tops and a 350/300 horse engine, that is virtually 100% Original, then you need to contact John, and get all of the stories that I don’t have the room or the time to put on this website. Remember: there was a strike at the St. Louis Corvette plant during 1969-1970 production. Only HALF the numbers of 1970 Corvettes were produced that year. And, how many produced were BOTH a Convertible AND a hard top? And, are in original condition? Please note that I have lived in a heated garage, with a cover over me the entire time that I have been alive. I expect you to treat me the same. I am used to the good life! I will bring with me excitement, style, a complete history with compete documentation, and a set of four original “wide-oval” tires that came with me when I was new. I am…one of a kind…

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