1964 Ford Mustang

1964 Ford Mustang


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Newbury Park, CA 91320

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    500 miles
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Seller's Notes

1964 ½ Ford Mustang D Code 289 4 BBL 4 Speed Convertible, IMMACULATE! Concourse Quality Full Rotisserie Restoration completed in May of 2019, no expense spared, full original specs to body tag, engine and trans were completely rebuilt and are date coded. The car was built on June 18, 1964. I am the second owner. Before I bought the car it had been semi-restored, but they used 65/66 parts on some of it and converted it to an automatic. I have changed everything back to what the body tag specs are and have found all of the original parts that make it a 64. If you know Mustangs then you know the differences between a 64 vs 65/66. I have upgraded a couple items on the car; the front brakes are disc brakes with a dual master cylinder for safety and performance and the exhaust is a dual exhaust. Both of these additions are for safety, looks and performance and can be converted back if the new owner chooses to do so. She Drives Perfect, less than 500 miles after re-build. The engine was run on an engine stand for 4 hours to properly break it in and so the car would stay pristine. This D Code Mustang is very rare as far as Mustang Production goes. If you need the 1964 ½ D Code, 289, 4BBL, 4 Speed, Convertible Mustang for your collection, this is the one. All of the factors above make this Mustang very rare. This may not be your daily driver, this is most likely for a serious collector. A List of everything that I could think of went into the restoration below. The car is currently stored in a warehouse inside of a car bubble in a museum like atmosphere. Shipping will be the buyers responsibility. I have a connection to ship to Western Europe, New Zealand and Australia that I can help with. I am willing to ship it anywhere the new owner desires, but you will have to do the research and make the arrangements and I will do my part to have it ready for the shipping company. Call Barry anytime with any questions 818-458-8736 The Body tag breaks down like this. VIN: 5F08D170622: 5= Digited as a 65 but considered a 64.5 because of the D that follows it 4 spaces after in the VIN. F= Car was built in Dearborn, Michigan 08= Convertible D= This is the what distinguishes it as a 64.5, 289, 4 Barrel 1= This is part of the production consecutive number but only designates that it is either a Falcon, Fairlane or Mustang, a 5 would have shown that it is a Comet. 70622= production consecutive number As for the Upper half of the Body Tag, it breaks down like this: 76A(Body Type)= 2 Door Convertible X(Color)= Vintage Burgundy 26(Interior Trim)= Black Vinyl 18F(Production Date)= June 18, 1964 33(DSO-Production Location)= Detroit or Dearborn, Michigan 1(Axle, Gearing in the rear end)= 3.00:1 5(Transmission Type)= 4 Speed Manual 1. Blocked sleeve to .000 over bore std. 2. New Pistons, Rings and Bearings 3. New Oil Pump 4. New Cam- Lifters and Timing Chain and Gears 5. New Valves, Springs and Seals 6. Hard Valves Seats Installed 7. Heads Resurfaced 8. Crank Shaft Reground 9. Transmission Fully Rebuilt 10. Rear Axle Rebuild 11. New Ring and Pinion 12. New Bearings and Seals 13. Upgraded New Front Brakes with Rotors, Calipers, Pads, Flex Hose, Wheel Bearings, Seals and Dust Caps. (This is not original; it is a safety and comfort upgrade) 14. New Rear Drum Brakes, Wheel Cylinders, Spring Kit, Adjusters, Shoes and Flex Hose 15. Master Cylinder Upgraded to Duel Power with all New Steel Lines (This is not original; it is a safety and comfort upgrade) 16. New power Steering Pump 17. New Suspension and Rear Shackle Bushings 18. New Front Coil and Rear Leaf Springs 19. New Upper and Lower Control Arms 20. New Inner and Outer Tie Rod Ends and Sleeves 21. New Idler Arm- All MOOG Parts 22. New KYB Gas Shocks (Shocks need to be broken in a bit, so they settle a touch in the rear, that is up to the buyer to break them in as they see fit.) 23. New Sway Bar Bushings and End Links 24. New Strut Rod Bushings 25. New Wiring Through Out 26. Bottom of car completely undercoated 27. New Head Lights and Bulbs 28. New Fuel, Temperature and Speedometer Gauges 29. New Rally Pack 30. New Top Motor Cylinders 31. New Tires and Rally Wheels 32. New POWER Convertible Top 33. New Carpet Kit 34. Factory Air Conditioning Fully Rebuilt and upgraded to R-134 35. New Exhaust System (Upgraded to dual exhaust for sound, performance and looks) 36. Paint is Excellent and there is ZERO Rust underneath the paint with hardly any Bondo. If there was any rust it was cut out and patched the correct way. 37. All Chrome was Re-chromed and is flawless 38. All Stainless Steel was Polished out 39. Just Figure Everything is new or rebuilt to perfection. There is too much to list.

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