9 Disadvantages of Driving a High Performance Car

High Performance Cars

1. Parking Is Hell

This is demonstrated hilariously on the episode of Top Gear when they try to exit a parking garage in Paris while driving a Ferrari F430, a Ford GT, and a Pagani Zonda. The cars are too wide to easily navigate the parking garage and the cars billow smoke as the clutches are used to their max. The Pagani Zonda has to have part of the front removed and makeshift ramp built to get it onto the street, the Ford GT , and the Ferrari F430 have to be inched slowly onto the street. If you park it on the street you may just come back to find an empty space where you car once was.

2. You Are More Likely to Be Pulled Over by the Police

The police will pull you over if you are doing 1km over the speed limit. Forget sweet talking yourself out of a ticket because you are driving a display of how much disposable income you have.

3. Heavy Traffic is a Nightmare

That stiff racing clutch that is so great for quick gear changes is a nightmare when stuck in traffic. Your sciatica will definitely flare up by the time you reach wherever you are trying to go. Good luck idling; you will most likely have to turn the car on and off as you inch forward.

4. Maintenance Costs a Bomb

Be ready to shell out a paycheck or two if you need an oil change, a light bulb goes, your tires get worn, or you get in minor fender bender. And forget taking your car into any garage if it breaks down in the middle of nowhere. You will have to pay big bucks to have it towed to the garage that will fix it.

5. Insurance Premiums are Outrageous

Expect to pay around $2000 per month and a much higher deductible than with an ordinary car. Performance cars can be the most expensive cars to insure.

6. Nosy Strangers

Nothing beats the admiring looks from strangers as you drive down the street but once you park the car and get out be ready to deal with a myriad of strangers who are experts on the car you are driving. Dealing with socially awkward car nerds that will spout car stats at you, ask questions about handling, and follow you down the street is a definite disadvantage to owning a high performance car.

7. No Storage Space

Forget trips to Costco, the hardware store, or IKEA. You may be able to fit a few bags of groceries in the passenger seat or the trunk but that is about it.

8. Forget Driving in the Snow

Your powerful car that handles like a dream on dry roads will become an expensive tow job and a cab ride if a snowflake falls. Forget driving over bridges with steep grades, getting your car out of your snowy driveway and just leave it parked in your garage for the winter. Here are a list of the best supercars that can be driven in the winter.

9. No Cup holder

Imagine waking up for work late on a Friday morning. You jump out of bed, throw some clothes on and head out to your Bugatti Veyron. You throw the car into reverse and head off to your favorite drive through for breakfast. You take a swig of the much needed coffee and then search frantically for a place to put it. There is nowhere! You arrive at work wearing half of your coffee and morosely sit at your desk for the rest of the day counting down the minutes until hellish ends.

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