Bugatti Sur Mesure Customization Program Launched

BUGATTI Chiron Super Sport GP Sur Mesure

If you are going to drop seven figures on a Bugatti for sale, you’re probably looking for something unique and rare. And when it comes to rare, nothing beats one of a kind. That’s why famed hypercar maker Bugatti is launching its Bugatti Sur Mesure program to offer customized hypercars.

Other exotic car brands off similar bespoke programs. Lamborghini, for example, has their Ad Personam program, while Ferrari has their Atelier program. Sur Mesure means tailored in French, quickly describing what the program aims to accomplish.

BUGATTI Chiron Super Sport GP Sur Mesure

Through the Sur Mesure program, Bugatti customers can select essentially any color paint or interior that they want. If you can dream something up, there’s a good chance that the experts in the Sur Mesure program will be able to put it together.

The first hypercar to roll out of the Sur Mesure program is a Chiron Pur Sport. Paying homage to the 1931 Grand Prix winner driven by Louis Chiron, the Chiron Pur Sport features emblazoned headrests crown with 32, a powder blue paint job similar to the 1932 winner, and other customizations.

Bugatti Sur Mesure Interior

As for power, the newer Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport will leave its older relative in the dust. While the 1932 Grand Prix-winning vehicle was among the fastest and best performing of its day, modern hypercars are simply much faster. Powered by a quad-turbocharged 8.0-liter W-16 cranking out 1479 horsepower, the Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport should hit 217 miles per hour and 60 in well under 3 seconds.

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