Classic Ford GT40 Replica Gets Modern Engine

Ford GT40 Replica

The Ford GT is one of the most iconic hypercars of all time, an American muscle answer to European purebreds. Per American fashion, GT’s have traditionally relied on big gas guzzling engines to get up and go.

However, advances in motors over the last several years, big engines are no longer necessary. Indeed, their heavy weight could even effect speed and handling. Current Ford GT’s rely on a twin-turbo V6 to deliver high performance, but low weight.

Ford GT40 Replica

Now, the replica car makers at Superformance and the exhaust specialists at MagnaFlow are teaming up to bring a classic replica Ford GT40 to life with that same twin-turbo V6 engine. At 3.5 liters, it won’t be the smallest V6 engine on the block, but it’s still more compact than your average V8.

Twenty years ago, putting a twin-turbo into a hypercar like the Ford GT40 would have been borderline sacrilege. The V6 equipped 2018 Ford GT can hit sixty in under 3 seconds, making it among the fastest hypercars around.

Ford GT40 Replica Engine

With the replica, you’ll be able to get classic styling in combination with modern performance. The same engine in the modern GT is going into Superformance’s replica GT40 and will crank out nearly 650 horsepower.

In fact, with MagnaFlow working on the exhaust, designers hope they can squeeze out even more power. To put that into perspective, the original GT40, which won the Le Mans four times in a row, used a 4.9 liter V-8 engine that cranked out “just” 425 horsepower.

So fast performance coupled with classic styling indeed.

Ford GT40 Replica

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