Meet the All-New BMW 8 Series

New BMW 8 Series

The BMW 6 series is dead. Undoubtedly, it was a loss for the BMW community. Fortunately, the new BMW 8 series is nearing production and it’s shaping up to be quite the vehicle. BMW is doing the final tests on its new V8 engine and also its forthcoming xDrive system. Once complete, expect this car to hit the road quickly.

Let’s start with the engine. The latest redesign is just as light as its predecessor but packs an extra 68 horsepower (good for 530 hp total). Torque is rated at a solid 553 lb-ft, and even better comes at just 1,800 rpm. These specs should help the brand new BMW 8 be among the best performing luxury coupes. Everything comes packed in a traditional but modern BMW silhouette.

BMW 8 Series Review

Transmission-wise, it appears that dual clutch is out and the new 8-speed Steptronic is in. While some enthusiasts may not enjoy the true automatic nature of the Steptronic, when it comes to performance, this transmission is going to be quick. The automatic transmission comes standard. There’s no word if a manual will be made optional in the future.

Zero-to-sixty times haven’t been released yet, but most are expected times at least in the low 4’s. Of course, don’t count out BMW when it comes to exceeding expectations. For now, we’ll have to wait until road tests are released.

New BMW 8 Series Specs

The BMW 8 series was once quite popular but terrible gas mileage and rather so-so performance sidelined the lineup. The new BMW 8 series aims to fix that. There’s no word yet on MPG, but 8 cylinders have been closing the gap with their smaller counterparts, so there’s reason to be optimistic. On the whole, the new BMW 8 series promises to be an excellent luxury performance coup.

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