Mercedes-AMG One Breaks Nürburgring Lap Record

Mercedes-AMG One

The Nürburgring sports complex features perhaps the world’s best-known racetracks and testing grounds. Companies looking to design world-class hypercars often take models and prototypes to Nürburgring to test their mettle. And it turns out, the Mercedes-AMG One hypercar has mettle in spades. The hypercar recently set a record breaking 6:35.183 lap. No other production sports car has achieved a faster time.

The AMG One moniker is a simple albeit it accurate label. Right now, this hypercar is arguably number one not just in the Mercedes lineup, but arguably in the world. This supercar cranks out more than 1,000 horsepower and can top 350 km per hour. Some hypercars produce more horsepower and feature higher top speeds but few, if any, vehicles will be able to keep up with the AMG One on a twisting and turning racetrack.

Mercedes-AMG One Nürburgring Record

The AMG One followed the Nüburgring-Nordschleife rules, which uses an official start and finish line set in the T13 section. This time around, the Mercedes was piloted by Maro Engel, who previously had won the Nüburgring 24 hour contest.

Motorsports is all about raising standards. Go back a hundred years and most cars couldn’t travel more than 60 miles per hour. Now? The vast majority of cars have enough power to top 100 miles per hour. And right now, the Mercedes-AMG One hypercar has set the high bar, at least for Nürburgring. That said, don’t be surprised if another automaker breaks this record within the next few years. Competition on the track is always fierce.

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