Pagani Huayra’s Pacchetto Tempesta Package Is Dream Worthy

There are few things in life that please the car maniac more than ultra-limited, impractical, flamboyant, exotic automobiles. One of these happens to be outrageously expensive, performance-oriented upgrade packages for ultra-limited, impractical, flamboyant, exotic automobiles, like the Pacchetto Tempesta package for the Pagani Huayra.

Pagani Huayra Pacchetto Package

The Pacchetto Tempesta package, or loosely translated “Storm Pack,” not only sounds appropriately aggressive and catchy, but should theoretically improve the all-around performance of an already extremely capable hypercar — which is saying something when your starting platform is a $1.3 million dollar Pagani Huayra.

Pagani worked with Italian manufacturer Dallara, whose chassis are used in prominent single-seater racing series worldwide — including IndyCar and GP2 — to develop the new aerodynamic parts used in the Pacchetto Tempesta package, including an entirely new underbody, a new front splitter and rear diffuser.

To match the increased downforce levels and altered vehicle dynamics provided by the new aero parts, Pagani also include a set of package-specific, four-way adjustable Ohlins shocks.

Pagani Huayra Pacchetto Package

The upgraded suspension system connects the chassis to a new set of forged aluminum wheels exclusive to the Pacchetto Tempesta package, 20” up front and 21” in the rear, a 1” increase in diameter all-around from the base model’s. Despite their larger size, they actually weigh less than the factory wheels. The fronts shed 2.5lbs each, the rears just over 5.5lbs. each.

Pagani have decided to leave the powertrain untouched, and who can blame them when it’s a Mercedes AMG 6.0-liter V12 with 730hp. They do, however, offer a new hand-welded, titanium exhaust system, the whole of which only weighs 15lbs., a roughly 6lb. saving over the factory system.

Pagani Huayra Pacchetto Package Interior

Pagani refer to the Pacchetto Tempesta as a “dynamic pack,” which makes sense given its primary emphasis on the improvement of overall driving feel rather than objective measures of performance. As mentioned earlier, to improve upon what already comes out of the box as a hypercar isn’t easy and thus cannot be cheap: the package alone costs €160,000 (~$182,392).

The Huayra Pacchetto Tempesta and Huayra BC “Benny Caiola” both appear to appeal to a similar type of customer, one whose driving interests tend to place an emphasis on a visceral, unfiltered experience. It would seem then that their target consumer might overlap. Thus, the “Storm Pack” Huayra looks to be a concession to those Pagani customers who were unable to get their hands on the ultra-limited 20 unit run of the Huayra BC — if you can call a million dollar, hand-built hypercar with a $200,000 upgrade package a concession.