Ultra-Rare 2021 McLaren Sabre With a Color-Changing Paint Job

2021 McLaren Sabre Color Changing

Collector car auctioneer Barrett-Jackson is set to offer a custom McLaren Sabre with less than 200 miles on the odometer. Put together by McLaren Special Operations, each Sabre is custom-made for its owners. The custom Color Stream paint job shifts from blue to purple depending on light and angle.

These days, production hypercars are no longer good enough for many exotic car owners. If you’re spending millions on a vehicle, you want something that is unique and stands out. Many hypercar brands now offer bespoke programs that offer extensive customization.

2021 McLaren Sabre For Sale

McLaren Sabre: First Photos Have Finally Surfaced

We can debate custom paint jobs and which colors go best. What’s less debatable is that McLaren Sabre itself is a heck of a hypercar. The Sabre cranks out 824 bhp and 590 lb-ft torque and achieves a top speed of 218 miles per hour. This officially makes the Sabre the fastest two-seater McLaren for sale.

As is increasingly common these days, the engine is paired with an automatic transmission. While automatics lack the road feel offered by a manual, speed-wise, the latest auto transmissions are hard to beat, even for pros.

2021 McLaren Sabre Interior

Only 15 Sabre have been built and sold, all destined for the United States. This means the Sabre is only designed to meet regulations in the USA, so foreign buyers should make sure no complications will arise. Among other things, the small side mirrors equipped on this supercar may not meet international requirements.