What You Should Know About The 2017 Bugatti Chiron

2017 Bugatti Chiron

Music artists educate us on the hottest cars of the season by including them in their songs. The Bugatti brand was mentioned when an artist stated, “I woke up in the new Bugatti.” We don’t really understand how you could sleep in a vehicle traveling at such high speeds, but we do realize, most of us will never have an opportunity to experience getting in a Bugatti at all, considering the 2017 Bugatti Chiron has an estimated value of over $1,000,000. We can’t help by dream about what it feels like to grab the wheel and be in control of a vehicle with nearly limitless speed.

When Bugatti does a car, they never manufacture something that doesn’t exude luxury, turn heads and get car reviewers like us to boast about “the” hypercar of all time. The Chiron’s 8.0-liter, 1500-horsepower engine gives this luxury sports car the ability to accelerate at a speed of 261 mph, as claimed by its manufacturer, the Volkswagen Group. The car is the first vehicle with this much horsepower. This seven-speed automatic has a 310-mph speedometer. And if a driver can find a highway without speed limitations, they can test out its top speed for themselves.

2017 Bugatti Chiron

We oftentimes associate weight with a decrease in speed, but although this year’s Chiron is a bit bulkier than previous years–weighing in at 4,486 pounds–it’s size doesn’t slow it down at all. With its horseshoe-shaped grill and five ounces of a silver on its emblem, it has that style synonymous with the name Bugatti. The radio in a vehicle like this doesn’t seem very important, but with an Accuton system, the sound quality is beyond fantastic. In fact, it’s “the” most luxurious sound system available for sports cars today. It doesn’t hurt that Bugatti uses one-carat diamond membranes in each speaker.

Forget about your standard first, second and third gears. Bugatti alters the norm by incorporating five different driving modes. It has EB, Lift, Top Speed, Autobahn and Handling modes. These modes alter more than just how the car shifts; they alter the electronically controlled rear differential, electronically assisted power-steering collaboration, active aerodynamics and stability control. If someone who didn’t own the car got behind the wheel, he or she wouldn’t be able to access the “Top Speed” mode without a separate speed key.

Bugatti Chiron

We can rave about the high-performance and high speeds of the Chiron all day, but Bugatti didn’t just stop at how the car drives. The Volkswagen Group wanted the vehicle to include luxury features throughout including a complex LED lighting system, an intricate climate control system and an information/navigation/entertainment system with more features than ever thought imaginable.

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