Zenvo Launches New V12 Hybrid Hypercar

Zenvo V12 Hybrid Hypercar

Danish automaker Zenvo will soon be launching their 2023 hypercar, which is expected to put out between 1,500 to 1,800 horsepower. How is Zenvo producing so much power? The upcoming hypercar is packed with a V-12 hybrid engine that is equipped with two electric turbochargers. This supercar is expected to hit up to 10,000 rpm. Combined with an electric engine, this vehicle is expected to be fast and powerful.

Many electric and hybrid cars are heavy. However, this model is expected to weigh only 2,756 pounds. So far, at least 30 deposits have been made for the vehicle. Pricing hasn’t been made public but it’s sure to be high.  Zenvo is a low-volume automobile maker that focuses on quality over quantity. Limited numbers make Zenvo cars a hot collector’s item.

Zenvo Hybrid Hypercar

So far, Zenvo has been tight-lipped regarding the new model. In fact, we don’t even know the name yet. Prospective buyers have been given a peek at the vehicle, but the general public likely won’t see it until 2023.

Zenvo plans to produce a road-oriented GT model and also a lighter track model. However, the track model is expected to be road legal. Further, Zenvo has announced that they won’t be chasing after speed titles but instead focusing on building a car that’s a ton of fun to drive.

Zenvo’s current model, the TSR-S, is already quite popular among motor enthusiasts but the upcoming model may be the Danish company’s most successful model yet.

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