Koenigsegg CC850 Is A Modern Hypercar

Koenigsegg CC850

When you think of birthdays, you might think of cakes or perhaps dinner with friends and family. Maybe a few gift-wrapped packages too. But if you’re Christian von Koenigsegg, you can celebrate your birthday by showing off a special hypercar. The Koenigsegg CC850 is a modern take on the company’s first car, the Koenigsegg CC8S.

While Koenigsegg is quite new in the hypercar world, just 28 years old, the brand has already made a big name for itself. The company’s hypercars are real head turners and they offer ample performance. And it all kicked off with the Koenigsegg CC8S.

Koenigsegg CC850 Interior

Now, the Koenigsegg CC850 will carry the torch. The hypercar pays clear homage to the older CC8S, featuring a near identical design. It is a bit longer and the headlights have been changed, but beyond that, the angles and curves are very similar.

What really makes this Koenigsegg for sale unique is the transmission, which is a dual manual and automatic transmission. Drivers can lean into 9 automatic gears, or opt for 6 manual gears, complete with a clutch. Many hypercars these days are doing away with manual transmissions, as automatics are often faster. Still, there’s a feel offered by manual transmissions that simply can’t be replicated with an automatic.

Koenigsegg CC850 Review

Now, with the Koenigsegg CC850 you don’t have to choose either or. The Koenigsegg CC850 is perhaps the most powerful manual transmission street-legal car in the world. While this hypercar is still in the development phase, early tests have been promising.

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