One-Off Ferrari SP3JC Roadster Revealed

Ferrari SP3JC

Ferrari has just revealed it’s newest one-off supercar, the Ferrari SP3JC. The car was ordered by the owner of Talacrest Ferrari, located in the United Kingdom. The Ferrari SP3JC shares a lot of parts and components from the Ferrari F12 TDF, most likely because the project started before the Ferrari 812 Superfast was released.

Ferrari SP3JC

This one of a kind sports car is nothing short of unique, Ferrari literally cut the roof off a F12 TDF and offers the rag top or no top at all if your that kind of driver. The SP3JC bumper is a completely new design with some elements from the 812 Superfast built in. The most interesting part of the exterior is probable the huge cut outs on the hood that expose the engine bay.

Ferrari SP3JC

The unique color combination resembles some of Ferrari’s heritage color schemes throughout the companies history. white it’s not clear exactly which Ferrari model the SP3JC is supposed to resemble, it’s clear that this will go down as one of the coolest Ferrari’s ever built. According to comments from the owner, the car took 3 and a half years to build from start to finish.

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