Audi PB18 E-Tron Electric Supercar

Audi PB18 E-Tron

Car companies are in full swing when it comes to electric cars these days. Audi has certainly stepped up their game over the last few years, investing tons of money into research and development by pushing the limits on whats possible in its pursuit of Level 5 autonomy for a number of years. At Pebble Beach last month, Audi unveiled the new PB18 E-Tron concept electric supercar. The car is meant to compete with the Tesla Roadster and other high end electric sports cars.

Audi PB18 E-Tron Concept

Most likely this concept car will pave the way for an all-electric Audi R8 sometime in the near future. You won’t find your typical V10 engine in this concept car, instead it’s powered by 3 electric motors that combine for over 600hp. Each motor produces 201hp, there is one for the front wheels and each rear wheel has its own. The PB18 E-Tron even comes with a turbo boost feature that can temporarily boost the output to 764hp for a 0-62 mph acceleration in just over 2 seconds.

Audi PB18 E-Tron Supercar

The 800V charging system can actually recharge the car in just 15 minutes, that will certainly appeal to electric car enthusiasts. A 95 kWh battery will allow the sports car a comfortable range of 310 miles per charge. For the interior, a centrally positioned seat is designed to give maximum control to the driver. The seat does have the ability to slide over to a normal position to accommodate a passenger when needed.

Audi PB18 E-Tron Interior

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